Vital-Zymes Chewable 180 chew

Vital-Zymes™ Chewable 180 chew

Dietary Supplement

Klaire Labs products may only be purchased by Health Care Professionals. Patients who want to buy Klaire Labs products may obtain them from their Health Care Professional.

Free of the following common allergens: milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, corn, yeast, and soybeans. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. All ingredients are of the highest quality and purity available. Formulated for the most sensitive individual. This product was made in a GMP and ISO 9001:2008 registered facility.

Suggested Use: 2 tablets daily with each meal or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Tablets
Servings Per Container 90
Amount Per 2 Tablets
Comprehensive Enzyme Blend 320 mg
With the following minimum enzyme activity:
Carbohydrate Specific Enzymes
Amylase 732 BAU**
Alpha-Amylase 40 DU**
Glucoamylase (with isomaltase side chain activity) 12 AGU**
Sugar Specific Enzymes
Lactase 600 ALU**
Sucrase (invertase) 54 INVU**
Maltase 80 DP**
Pullulanase  10 PUN**
(debranching enzyme with isomaltase side chain activity)
Vegetable/Plant Fiber Specific Enzymes
Cellulase 200 CU**
Hemicellulase (xylanase) and Pectinase Complex 80 HSU**
Phytase 4 FTU**
Beta-Glucanase 8 BGU**
Alpha-Galactosidase 16 GaIU**
Galactomannase 80 HCU**
Protein and Peptide Specific Enzymes
Acid Protease 20 SAP**
Alkaline Protease 20 PC**
Protease/Peptidase Complex with endo-  peptidase, exopeptidase, and DDP-IV activity 16,000 HUT**
Fat Specific Enzyme
Lipase 6,000 FIP**
Other Enzymes
Serratia peptidase (enteric-coated) 1,000 SPU**
Other ingredients: Xylitol, mannitol, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, and natural cherry flavor.
**Units are those used in edition five (V) of the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC)

Do not use if full-bottle shrinkwrap is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place (59°F-85°F) away from direct light. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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